Plans – HA!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Today was a gray, rainy day. The weather forecast is for more of the same. And also trending colder and wetter for the next 7 days. The weather man said we would have a couple for dry days, but they would be cold and that sunshine was not going to be very common. Oh, well. It’s winter. We were hoping to un-winterize FRED for Christmas and not have to re-winterize before heading south January 1st, but it’s looking like we may not be un-winterizing at all until we head south. Yuk!!

We had lunch all ready and left for church at 8:00 this morning and just happened to notice as we were driving by Aunt Helen’s that there was no Visiting Angel car there. We swung around and pulled into the driveway and garage door was still down. Not a good sign. We let ourselves in and all the lights were still out and everyone was still in bed. No Angel anywhere in sight. Aunt Helen was awake but totally oblivious to the day or time. Juno was still sound asleep. We called the supervisor and of course got voice mail. So much for our plans to attend the Christmas music service this morning. We began getting the ladies up and dressed and fed. We did get a call back from the supervisor who didn’t know why there was no one on the job. She called back later and said someone was on the way, but by then Helen was dressed, fed and chilling in her recliner and Juno was up doing her morning devotion. We couldn’t get to church anyway by then so we just told her to forget it, we would handle everything. We got Juno’s toast and Boost when she was ready and got the ladies on the way to church right on time. We then went back home, watched the video stream of our 11:00 service (where the Christmas music was done last week), and finished up lunch. Oh well, we turned on Christmas music and got to hear Barry’s sermon anyway.

It was such a damp, gray day, after cleaning up after lunch at Helen’s, we came home a took a nap and watched another Christmas movie. Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday.

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