Ice and Family

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Ice on the pond this morningThere was ice on the pond this morning for the first time this year. The predicted low was 23 but by our thermometer we only got down to about 27-28. It may have been that low in the valley. But after the cold day yesterday and the dip last night we certainly had ice and cold this morning. However, the sun returned and it warmed up fairly quickly and was a nice day, for which we are thankful.

Today was Aunt Helen’s annual Christmas luncheon at the Pine Mountain Community Center and we were certainly thankful for nice weather to get Juno and Helen to the event. It was a small group this year, only 22 because most people will not be able to be on the mountain until next weekend. When Christmas falls on Sunday or Monday we generally don’t have as good attendance. In the years past the event was at Aunt Helen’s house and we have had as many as 75. That made for a crowded house. However, all that were able to attend had a very good time visiting. And of course the food was wonderful as there are many excellent cooks in the family.

Hope you are remembering what Christmas and the Advent season is all about amid the hustle and bustle of everything. And please be in prayer for all our pastors and services tomorrow. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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