Last Moving Day – For This Round

Wednesday, December 13. 2017

Today was windy and cold. The low this morning was 26. It warmed up later in the day but the wind was cold all day. It was a very sunny day. Definitely needed sunglasses today.

Anne was up and on the road by 6:15, in route to Tuscaloosa. Before she was even off the driveway four deer tried to hit the car but barely missed, thank goodness. Otherwise, the drive was uneventful. Mama Ruby had a venous ablation on her right leg yesterday. Jim was in Tuscaloosa yesterday for the procedure. Anne went down today to do the dressing change, help with a shower and get the compression hose on Mama Ruby’s legs. They applied a large bulky compression dressing on her leg yesterday that had to be removed today. Mama Ruby also had to do a lot of walking today – 20 minutes of walking every 2-3 hours. She really doesn’t quite have the stamina for that much walking but she is trying hard. Please pray for continued healing.

Max spent the day completing the emptying of Juno’s house and storage building. He didn’t count how many trips it took, but it is done! Both house and storage building are empty. Randy and Debra moved most of the things from the house earlier. Max asked his Mom to go look around and make sure there was nothing else she wanted moved. So until she does that everything is complete. What a wonderful feeling to be done with that project.

Anne made it home safe and sound and we thank God for her safe travel today. Don’t know what we will get into tomorrow. Check back to see.

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