Workday at Home

Thursday, December 14, 2017

We are having absolutely extraordinary weather. Yes, it’s cold late night and early morning. Tonight should be 29. Anything below freezing is cold to us. But the days are beautiful and if out of the wind, wonderful. There was less wind today.

Using our reciprocating saw on the privet hedge
Using our reciprocating saw on the privet hedge

Taking advantage of the wonderful weather Max spent half the day cutting back the privet hedge and other shrubs from the edge of the drive. It is almost ready for FRED to roll out again. Actually, we could get out now with no problem but we may work on it a little more. The weight of the snow last week really messed up all the foliage along the sides of the drive. We don’t want it to be a jungle when we return. Most of the time Max was working on the drive, Anne was working on books. It’s that time of year. We also did some additional planning for 2018. We worked on a few things in FRED and have several more things to do before we start loading out again. We finally found some rugs we like at Kohls, one of which had to be ordered. It came in yesterday and after putting those in place today, we are pleased with our purchase.

Anne spent a little time getting Fred ready for Christmas
Anne spent a little time getting Fred 2 ready for Christmas.

This afternoon we had to make a grocery run for the LOLs. While we were there we of course picked up what we needed too. After putting away the LOLs groceries and ours, it was time for a quiet evening at home and some hot chocolate with a little egg nog. Yummy.

Mama Ruby got a good report from the ultrasound on her leg today. She is still uncomfortable and has lost so much of her stamina over the past month. Praying she is able to regain some strength. The doctors are talking about doing an ablation on the left leg January or February. Not sure she is going to be ready by then. Please keep her in your prayers.

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