Election Day – So Glad It Is Over

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It was another gorgeous early winter day. Beautiful sunshine, but very windy. High in the upper 40’s but the low tonight is again suppose to be 27. Still glad we winterized even though we have missed the 22 degrees predicted last week and other than peace of mind, so far it was probably not necessary. But, it’s another big thing to not worry about.

Our Polling PlaceSo what did we do today? We we walked to the Pine Mountain Community Center and voted in the infamous Alabama Senate Special Election. Alabama is once again getting awful publicity. We are so glad we will no longer be subjected to the endless and repetitive political commercials. Just think of all the good that could have been done with all the money spent on this election. Instead, the TV stations were the real winner in it all. Guess now they will have time to run more of the shyster commercials. Oh, joy.  The reason we never watch live TV – record and skip the commercials.

We spent time doing some things around the house. You know, the stuff you just have to do when you own a sticks and bricks. However, on the fun side, we worked on planning our January travels. We were able to get reservations for January 1 at Gulf State Park. We were sure they would be full but we were able to snag a water front site for the first week in January. Yea for us!! No, we aren’t going to skip Christmas and all the family gatherings because we love that too, but we’re really looking forward to a few days of just relaxing in Fred 2. We have really only used him for project travel and time in Tuscaloosa since we took delivery. After a few days in Gulf Shores relaxing and biking, and eating good food, we will head on down to Florida for our first two projects of 2018.

Sadly, no ducks today. They may have been blown away. Hope you are having a good week.

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