Getting Ready For Cold Weather

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Deer walking across the dam
Deer walking across the dam

We are still stuck in gray, cloudy days. It was another cool, damp feeling day but we did get to see four deer crossing our dam this morning a another three in the field when we were coming in this evening.

But we are headed much colder. The low tonight is forecast to be 32, with high tomorrow of 36 and ½ inch of snow. But we aren’t expecting any problems because the ground temperature is too high. Then we will be in the twenties for a few nights. That is below average for our area. We will have to bring out the heavy coats. YUK!

Winterizing Fred
Winterizing Fred in the dark

Today we both had dental appointments for cleanings so we went into Trussville this morning. When we finished at the dentist we did some shopping and went out for an early birthday lunch and then on to more shopping. We didn’t get home until after 4:00. We checked the weather forecast again and decided we had to give in and winterize FRED. We really didn’t want to do it but today was the warmest day we will have for the next week or so. The 23 degree forecast for tomorrow night is a little below our comfort level. Of course, since this is our first winter in FRED 2, the process was a little more challenging than the last few years. But we remember the first time we winterized FRED 1 and this was easier than that. It’s all done so now it probably won’t get very cold. Hopefully we didn’t forget anything and now we won’t be checking the forecast every five minutes and will hopefully sleep better tomorrow night.

Tonight we watched a History Channel special on Pearl Harbor an it reminded us of our visit there in 2012. A very sobering experience. Thank you to all our service men and women!

USS Arizona Memorial
Rainbow over the USS Arizona Memorial. This is one of our favorite pictures from our Hawaii trip.


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