Let It Snow!

Friday, December 8, 2017


Snow measurementSo we usually start with something about the weather but today that’s about all there is. It started snowing before 3:00am because when we looked out we had about ½ inch of snow. Hmm. That’s about what was predicted so we went back to sleep. It was still snowing at 5:00 and 7:00 and continued to snow until around 3:00pm. We had 5 inches here on Pine Mountain. Much more than was predicted but other places got upwards of 10 inches. Totally not what was predicted and way more snow than we usually see this far south. It was the first time in over 23 years that we both could stay home and enjoy the snow. Max just smiled because he didn’t have to worry about the safety of all the Blount County citizens. It was so pretty and 31-32 degrees with very little wind, so not too cold to be out taking pictures.

Our work plan for today was to empty Juno’s storage building. NOT! What’s that about God laughing when we make plans. I know all our northern friends laugh but we couldn’t get out our driveway – well we could if we had to get out. Our drivewayThe pine trees and privet hedge were so weighted down with snow they blocked the drive. Barry and Donna walked over and we all walked out the drive together. It was nice to have some unexpected time with them. The drive was very pretty but glad we didn’t need to go anywhere. We just relaxed and enjoyed our quiet day. It was an unexpected blessing. Another huge blessing is our uninterrupted power. There have been many outages throughout the state but so far we are fine. Of course we can always go to FRED and turn up the furnaces and stay toasty warm. Another blessing. The storm is continuing north east so hope our family and friends in Georgia, South Carolina and on up the east coast are all warm and safe. Everybody be careful out there.

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