Another LOL Day

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Another gray day. We left home at 6:30, headed to Tuscaloosa. The the traffic was heavier than expected that early in the morning, but fortunately no wrecks so we made it to Tuscaloosa in time to get Mama Ruby to her 9:00 appointment. We have scheduled her venous ablation treatment on the right leg for next week. The cardiologist feels she needs the procedure now, before she develops another ulcer on her leg, which he is sure she will have if left untreated. We went by her house house for a few minutes to pick up some items. While we were at the doctor’s office Max got her big puzzle clock working again so Mama Ruby was a happy women. Max is her favorite (only) son-in-law. We all went to lunch then returned to the assisted living and did some online shopping, and reviewed her procedure instructions. The home health nurse came to change the dressing on her leg. It’s improving but still has a way to go. While that was going on, Max toured the halls looking for the winners of the door decorating contest. There were some nicely decorated doors. Mamma Ruby has her Christmas puzzle she and Ralph made on her door. It looks really good but she didn’t place. Oh well, maybe we will do something more elaborate next year. It was then time to head back to the mountain. We had a couple of stops to make and stopped to check on the LOLs before returning home. That’s it for today.

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