“Newdul’s Family”

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Forecast for today was correct. Rain. Heavy rain at times. And now the temperatures are dropping. Down into the 30’s tonight but not below freezing. Yet. Stay tuned about that.

Philip and Tabitha
Philip and Tabitha getting ready to leave

This was the day Philip and Lauren and the girls had to return to South Carolina. Something about having a job and going back to work. We had a nice, somewhat leisurely breakfast together, but then it was time for them to begin the monumental task of packing up and loading the van. It is quite a task for them to pack everything. It takes a lot of stuff for the girls. And then the actual work is hard to do since at least one of them has to be watching the girls all the time. Don’t know how they get anything done sometimes. Anyway, they left about 10:30, just ahead of some heavy rain. We have received an email and they have arrived home safely. It was wonderful to have them and very thankful that they had a safe trip home. They may be glad that they will no longer be the topic of the blog for a while. We appreciate them being a good sport about providing us material for the blog. Hope they will still return again soon.

Otter and duck update – still haven’t seen either. And in case there is any doubt, we had nothing to do with the disappearance of either. Really hope the ducks return.

After company left, we did some work around the house, froze some left overs for the next project and did some laundry. This afternoon we went to Aunt Jean’s assisted living for her family Christmas party. We had dinner with her tonight with all the other residents and their families. There was good food and entertainment. Jean seemed to enjoy herself and was very appreciative of us attending. It was nice to meet some of Jean’s friends and the newer residents, and have a chat with Santa. One lady even came up to us as said “you must be Newdul’s family”. Yep. We are the turtle’s family. Four LOLs and a turtle. Pretty funny.  Newdul is quite popular with other resident’s grandchildren as well.

Newdul's birth record
In case you are wondering why we are spelling Aunt Jean’s turtle’s name differently, we found this note in her room.

Feeling blessed that Mama Ruby’s biopsy was benign. We will be making an early trip to Tuscaloosa tomorrow for another doctor’s appointment with her. Praying for safe travel in the crazy Christmas shopping traffic. That’s it for today.

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