Fun Afternoon with Family

Monday, December 4, 2017

Still haven’t seen the sun. Another cloudy day. Not sure when we will see the sun now. The forecast is for 100% chance of rain tomorrow. But, we are still above freezing. Gotta love that while it lasts.

We left Philip and Lauren to fend for themselves for breakfast again this morning because we had our annual physicals today. Won’t get the results of the lab tests for several days and still have to return for additional routine tests but hopefully all will be okay. It was nice to see friends Anne used to practice with before retiring in 2015. We had to fast for labs today so we were pretty hungry by the time we returned home after 1:30.

Dorothy's deer
Dorothy’s deer

While they were getting breakfast this morning, Dorothy told Philip and Lauren she saw a goat. They thought it was another imaginary sighting but she again said she saw two goats. When they looked there were actually two deer in the woods off the back deck. They all enjoyed seeing the deer. They then packed everyone up for a visit to Aunt Jean’s. Jean really enjoyed their visit and Dorothy enjoyed feeding worms to Newdul the turtle. She was quite proud for herself for that feat. We heard more about the worms at dinner when we had spaghetti. Seems it looked like worms, and she informed us all she was eating worms. Also told us that the worm was looking at her and saying “you are not really going to eat me, are you?” Her answer to the worm was “yep.” And she did. Every last “worm”. Such fun to have a four year old around. Never a dull moment.

After lunch we all enjoyed a hike out to the star to check on it. We hadn’t heard anyone mention it lately and did not know for sure if it was still burning. Fortunately, it was still on and didn’t seem to have any new problems. It was a nice afternoon for a hike and we all enjoyed our little time in the woods. Lauren had Tabitha on her back. Dorothy walked and ran all the way to the star, but then Philip picked her up to avoid her getting too close to the edge. After that she didn’t want to walk anymore and Philip carried her on his shoulders all the way back to the van. Philip and Lauren got a lot more exercise today than we did.

Visiting with Granny and Aunt HelenAfter the hike, we visited with Juno and Helen again. Dorothy and Tabitha are good for the LOLs. They really enjoy the children and are more talkative and engaged with the kids. Sometimes they don’t say much at all when we are there, but they laugh and interact with the kids.

Christmas lightsAfter dinner we took the kids to Palisades Park for the Christmas lights display. Dorothy talked to us about the lights the entire time. We actually drove back through a second time so we could all get another look. The park and the participating businesses do a really nice job with the light display. Tabitha fell asleep before we even got to the park but Dorothy certainly enjoyed the lights. We then took her to Remlap to get a good view of the Pine Mountain star from the bottom, since she saw it from the top on our hike today. She seemed please with that little side trip as well. So we have had another wonderful day with family. Hope you are having a good start to your week.

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