Back On Pine Mountain

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It was another cold and frosty morning. FRED was cold this morning. We turned the furnace up and got back in bed until the house warmed up a little. Oh well, we were not in a big hurry to get on the road. We had to wait for the office to open and complete all our paperwork so we could close everything out and head back to Pine Mountain. Glad to have all the warranty work done and have FRED ready for January mission projects.

It was a very uneventful drive on another beautiful day. When we arrived back on the mountain we parked FRED at Helen’s and went to see Randy and Debra at Tom’s house. They have done an awesome job packing up all of Juno’s remaining items and cleaning out the house. The inside is complete! We are going to work on the storage shed after we get FRED unloaded. After some time to visit with Randy and Debra, we moved FRED to our house and unloaded what we needed for the night, ate supper and began the unpacking routine. Much is left to be done but we will work on it some more tomorrow. Three days in a row without pictures. Think that is a first for us. Maybe we will have something picture worthy tomorrow.  Since we have no pictures today, here is what we were doing this day last year.

tree with lights
On this day last year we were helping decorate Camp Sumatanga for Christmas. With other volunteers we put up around 14 trees. This is the largest and came from our property on Pine Mountain.

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