Finished In Red Bay?

Monday, November 27, 2017

We had a low of 32 last night with heavy frost this morning. But it was in the mid sixties by early afternoon and was another gorgeous day. You just can’t beat this weather.

We were hoping for an early call to go into the service bay. If you were following us in September when we were here, you know that Tiffin no longer makes appointments and service is first come first serve with warranty work having some priority. We came to Red Bay Friday morning hoping to beat the crowds and it worked. We received a call at 6:10 this morning asking us to be at service bay 6 at 7:00am. We had already prepared FRED for the move and were eating breakfast when the call came in so it was no problem to be at bay 6 at 7:00. We would have been really disappointed if that call had not come. Anyway we had two service techs greet us and get right on our list. We had 12 items on the list but the one of most concern was a little leak in our hydraulic pump. There is one pump that works the hydraulic jacks and the hydraulic slide outs. We really wanted to know the pump was okay before we left for the January projects. Everything except the pump was complete by about 11:00 and then one of the mechanics came to our bay rather than us having to wait for a mechanical bay to open. He found four fittings that were just a little loose and were leaking. He tightened the connections and we returned to our site. We still needed to pick up a couple of spare parts from the parts store and then check out after lunch. We returned to our site and put the jacks down and that was when things went bad. There was hydraulic fluid running out from the compartment housing the pump. Lots of hydraulic fluid. Max open the bay door and hydraulic fluid squirted out about three feet, just missing him. Everyone was at lunch by this time so we had to wait until after lunch. They sent two mechanics to our site after lunch. They had us try to lower the jacks again so they could find the leak. It really leaked that time, so they easily spotted a fitting that the mechanic accidentally loosened on one end when he tightened the other end. It was a quick fix, but then they had to refill the system because we had lost so much fluid the jacks would not work. After that it really wasn’t leveling just right so they recalibrated the system (which we thought needed to by done anyway) and then cleaned up the mess in the bay with the pump. So, this evening everything seems to be okay. After a late lunch/early supper, we walked about 3.5 miles again this afternoon. We will check the jacks once more in the morning and then check out and head to Pine Mountain. We are thankful that this was basically a really easy visit to Red Bay and FRED is now ready for our next project – and so are we. Sorry, no pictures. We were sort of busy with the techs and forgot to take pictures.

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