Duck X 6, Otter

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

So the title today was going to be Duck, Duck, Otter (duck, duck, goose), but then more ducks just kept appearing until there were six. As most of you know we love traveling, working on mission projects, and sometimes we are really sad to come back home. But we love the wild life we have here. We love living in the quiet, peaceful woods and just watching all the wildlife. Since coming home Tuesday, we haven’t seen deer or turkeys, but it was lots of fun today to watch the ducks and a new visitor for us, a river otter. We have never seen a river otter on our property, in either of our ponds, before today. He looks to be rather large. We did a little research today and found that they can be found from north to south Alabama. Their first choice in food is fish but if there is not enough fish, they will also eat duck. Now we don’t know if we want him to stay. We enjoy our ducks. One account we read said that the otter would swim under water and grab a duck’s feet as they are swimming. We hope that if that happens here we don’t see it. The ducks do seem to go to the opposite side of the pond from the otter but really don’t seem particularly afraid of him. In the past we have enjoyed watching the ducks raise their babies so maybe the otter should just go somewhere else. Don’t know how to encourage him in that direction. Guess we will just watch for a few days and see what happens.

It was another unseasonably warm (72 degrees), beautiful late fall day. The forecasters keep telling us it is going to be cold in the next ten days but for now we are really enjoying the Alabama weather. They keep postponing the cold which is fine with us.

Unloading againToday was a get settled in at home day. We unloaded FRED, which didn’t take as long as usual since we were only traveling a week, and packed pretty light. We did keep getting sidetracked watching and taking photos of the otter. We have company arriving Friday so after unloading, we worked on menu plans and then we were off to the stores to buy groceries for the weekend and the LOLs. That took up our day. Hope you are having a great week!

One thought on “Duck X 6, Otter”

  1. I love seeing all your pictures and hearing about your travels. The wildlife at your place is amazing. Those ducks are beautiful. Love you.


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