End Of The Project

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Today was another nice morning with a few sprinkles early. By the time we completed devotion and team meeting was over we had sunshine and another beautiful although partly cloudy day.

Max and Anne had devotional today and we used one of the Seedbed devotionals by J.D. Walt from last week. Our scripture was Colossians 3:1-2 and discussed moving from morning devotions to true devotion. We only chased a few rabbits and really enjoyed our last devotional with this team.

Being our last day we had lots of little things to finish up. At the barn, Tom, Evelyn and Joyce did some caulking, worked on some of the windows, cleaned up and collected all the dropped nails and screws, and repaired a stall door, They did a great job! When we talked with Jessica, affectionately know as “the horse lady”, she told us how much the horses were already enjoying the improvements. Now all the horses have a window in their stall and according to her they seem very happy about that. We did note this afternoon they seemed to enjoy sticking their heads out. At our lunch today Jessica brought us a thank you card made by some of the kids in the horse therapy program. It was a sweet thank you to the NOMADS for the work on the barn. The chief operating officer, Diana, also came by at lunch to thank us again for all we have done this past three weeks.


Painting doorsBobbi and Cheryl, our painting divas, painted two doors for the kitchen as their last painting project. They also did an awesome job cleaning the guest house where we had our morning meetings and took our breaks. We really appreciated that.

Anne, Don and Ken worked on the flooring in Nobel again, with Ken finally installing the last piece about 2:00 this afternoon. All the staff that have been in are very pleased with these two rooms and bathroom. This area is used for a break room as well as a room for family visits with the residents at MHCC. We are pleased with the results of our work. Max helped in Nobel as well as being the runner for the other two areas. While we were cleaning and finishing up in Nobel some of the residents brought us another thank you poster. One of the girls is a resident in the transitional living program we worked on two previous projects. She asked if we had worked on the TLP and then talked about how much she loved her room and the program. We are so glad they are making use of this remodeled space.


Finished work list
The finished work list for the project. Anne really enjoys drawing red lines through the completed tasks.

We met with Randy again this afternoon and he is very pleased with all the work accomplished and so appreciative of the NOMADS. We have really tried to convey our appreciation to all the staff at MHCC for their work with the residents. These kids need so much help and have had so much pain in their young lives. The staff have very difficult jobs at times and really love these kids. We are also thankful for the wonderful campground, food, and great staff we have worked with the past three weeks. This is Randy’s first NOMADS project since his promotion to being in charge of the maintenance department and he did a great job of letting us know what he needed done and supplying us with the necessary materials. Thanks, Randy for a great three weeks.

It was then time to return to the campground. Everyone began their preparations for getting back on the road. After working a while we all took time to enjoy our last evening together with a nice campfire. This has been a great team and now as we prepare to say goodbye for a while, we pray for traveling mercies and look forward to seeing each other down the road. Team Campfire

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