Winding Down

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sunrise over the barnAgain, another beautiful day in Cedartown. We have been so blessed with wonderful weather these three weeks while we have been working on the barn. It would have been impossible to accomplish this task of re-siding the barn without the wonderful fall weather we have experienced. We did have a rain shower this afternoon after work but it didn’t last very long.

Tom leading devotion this morning

Tom had our devotion today and used the “Disciplines” 2017. The scripture was from Revelation 7:11-17. Again, the meditation made us think and sparked good conversation.

After team meeting, we resumed where we left off yesterday.  The barn crew completed all the windows today as well as trimming out the rear barn door. The only small things left at the barn are putting in a few more screws in some windows, trimming off any screws that may have gone through the wood into a stall, cleaning up and using a magnet to find any dropped nails/screws and caulking a few places. The barn may be complete before lunch tomorrow. The floor crew completed one room today and started on the smaller second room. There are a lot of intricate cuts to be made so it is time consuming. Still the flooring should be down tomorrow. What may not be complete is the shoe molding. James Hall is now complete. Today the remainder of the donated furniture was uncrated, and the final cleanup completed. After completing James, Bobbi and Cheryl painted the shoe mold for Nobel. Max again spent most of the day making sure everyone else had what they needed to complete their tasks and offering suggestions and help as needed. Anne spent the day on her knees installing the vinyl plank flooring. It was another productive day and things are now winding down to our last day tomorrow.


Tonight we were invited as guests to the First UMC fellowship dinner. Again, the members were so welcoming and interested in what we have been doing at MHCC. They all thanked us for what we have done and encouraged us to return next time we are in town. We hope we can do just that.

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