Last Sunday in Cedartown

Sunday, October 29, 2017

First UMC CedartownWe woke to another cold morning, but there was no ice on the truck this time. We had a quiet morning with french toast and smoked sausage for breakfast then got ready for church. Today we attended Cedartown First United Methodist Church. The congregation was very friendly and several people thanked us for our work and invited us back for their Wednesday night dinner. The speaker today was the Church Stewardship Director for Murphy-Harpst. Using the ninth chapter of Second Samuel, he spoke on kindness and related that to the MHCC mission and also to Christ’s kindness to us.

After church we ate at a local Mexican restaurant then we all returned back to our rigs and stayed in out of the cold wind. After a little rest we finished up some bookwork and a few tasks and rested some more. Tomorrow we start our last work week with a lot to do. Please pray for our safety and ministry.

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