Ice In The Morning, Air Conditioner In The Afternoon

Monday, October 30, 2017

Heavy frost this morning30 degrees this morning. Wind chill 27. Ouch, it was cold! We were the only ones who didn’t have a frozen water line this morning. Don’t know why ours didn’t freeze except maybe we didn’t have as much hose on the ground since we have a hose reel in the FRED 2. The truck was coated in ice, all the windows and mirrors. YUK! Yes, we are spoiled with our garage and we like being spoiled. Of course the better solution is to be where it is a little warmer. Anyway, after about 10:00, when it warmed up a little, it was a beautiful, pleasant fall day.

Don brought us our devotion this morning based on James 1:22-25. He gave us the example that if we looked in the mirror and saw we had mustard on our face we would quickly wash our face. Likewise, Don challenged us, we should take routine inventory of our spiritual life and make quick corrections when we find ourselves off track. Again there was a good amount of sharing and discussion. Thanks, Don for another great devotion.

It was so cold this morning we didn’t start on the barn until after first break. Instead we worked in the Admin building and James Hall. Ken and Don ended up working there all day in the Admin building and got the vanity, lavatory, and toilet installed today. The flooring was delivered so they will probably start on that sometime tomorrow. Joyce and Evelyn got the big desk put together. YEA! Finally finished. We began to think it was going to take longer than rebuilding the barn to put this desk together. Of course we were all working on it when we had a few minutes between jobs and never spending very long on it. We found one more blind for Tom to put up this morning and then he worked on unpacking a lot of office furniture that was donated and delivered Friday. Nice furniture. An early Christmas present for Murphy Harpst. Cheryl and Bobbi did some additional cleaning in the Admin building and then started some touch up painting in James Hall. By the way, the final count on girls dorm rooms painted was ten. We have a really good paint crew. Later in the day Tom, Joyce, Evelyn and Max returned to the barn to get started on the windows. All the stalls now have windows for the horses but they have to be trimmed out to cover the sharp edges of the metal siding. Today they determined how they wanted to do that and completed one and another almost done. The remainder should go faster now that they have their system in place. Hoping that can be completed Wednesday, but could take the remainder of the week. If it gets too tight we will pull some additional help so we can complete the barn. After helping the barn crew get started, Max bounced around helping where needed. Anne floated between all the projects today, making sure everyone had what they needed for their work and doing a little trim painting as well. It was another really busy and productive day. Hopefully we will have good weather the remainder of the week so we can finish up.

Some of the fruit we got today

This is some fruit we got off the food truck today: Moon Drop grapes and kiwi berries. We had never tried either before, but they are delicious. The kiwi berries are like little kiwi fruits, but sweeter.

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