Rainy Day

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Rainy DayRain. And late afternoon, temperatures dropping. That’s about it for today. It started raining lightly around midnight and finally stopped about 4:00 this afternoon. It never got cold last night but is already down to 43 and headed for a low of 36 tonight.

We decided yesterday that we would just plan to stay in today. And that is what we did. We washed 4 loads of clothes and did a few other things around the rig, read, watched Christmas movies and watched it rain. It was a nice quiet day. Bobbi and Don again cooked for us, stuffed peppers and rice. We could get use to treatment like this. They had gotten the peppers and ground beef from the food truck and shared with us and Cheryl. Thanks so much Bobbi and Don.

Please be in prayer for Anne’s mom. She is again having trouble with swelling in her legs and cellulitis. She is back on two antibiotics which make her feel generally blah and a little blue. Hopefully with early treatment things will not get as bad as last time.

Looking forward to visiting at First UMC in Cedartown tomorrow. Don’t forget to be in prayer for all the services tomorrow. Hope you are having a good and restful weekend. We have sure enjoyed our rest.

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