Rainy Morning, Sunny Afternoon

Monday, October23, 2017

It started raining last night about 11:00 and rained all night. It never really cooled off with the overnight low a muggy 67. It continued to rain until about 10:00 today. It was the general consensus of the team that we would have enjoyed staying in bed listening to the rain this morning. After the rain stopped you could tell the cold front had passed through with cooler dryer air. The sun came out after lunch and we had a beautiful and cool afternoon.

Tom grinding down screw points in stalls
Tom grinding down screw points in stalls

We had devotion this morning and used some of our last week Seedbed daily devotions from Colossians. We felt it went pretty well and we had good discussion. It was then time to begin week two and get to work. With the rain, and mud at the barn, we all worked inside today. Max and Tom worked in the barn to take care of any screws or nails that had come through into the stalls. We don’t want the horses to hurt themselves rubbing against a nail. That took a couple of hours and then they worked in the James building installing blinds and putting together desks. Ken and Don worked in Noble and installed the new sub-floor in the bathroom, installed the tile and the vanity. Anne worked again on the wall repair in Noble and went around making sure everyone had what ever they needed to stay productive. That included a lot of walking today. Anne wishes she had worn the pedometer today, but didn’t because it would have probably ended up with paint and sheetrock mud all over it. Joyce, Evelyn, Cheryl and Bobbi continued painting in Oasis. They are making really good progress. They are having to spend a great deal of time repairing damage to the walls so it takes longer. Three rooms are complete, one needs a little touch up, and should be completed early tomorrow and two more rooms are in process. A lot was done today even thought it was a rainy day.


We had a real treat when Jim and Mary Jo Reeves came to visit with Randy and had lunch with us. Jim and Mary Jo are now Project Coordinators for this area and were assisting Randy with scheduling next fall’s project for Murphy Harpst. It’s always fun to spend some time with Jim and Mary Jo.

After work, Max and Ken helped Don change his flat tire. They used the electric impact wrench Max’s brother gave us. Later Max rode about 6 miles on the hilly part on the Silver Comet. Anne took the afternoon off except for washing up the produce from the food truck. It was another good but tiring day.


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