Another Quiet Sunday

Sunday October 22, 2017

It is warming up and the humidity is going up as well. Low last night was only 57. The clouds had already started building this morning and by this afternoon it was a totally gray afternoon. No rain yet but it should be here tonight. It is very dry in Cedartown so the rain is needed. We just hope it’s just tonight and tomorrow and that we will be able to work on the barn by Tuesday.

Anna Kresge Memorial UMCThe team went to Anna Kresge Memorial UMC this morning. The congregation was very friendly and welcoming.  We really enjoyed worshiping with them.  Kresge was observing Laity Sunday today. For those not of the UMC heritage, Laity Sunday focuses on the celebration of the ministry of all lay Christians. In many local churches, Laity Sunday is observed by having lay persons lead all parts of the worship service. Kresge followed the tradition and each part of the service was led by a member of the church, young, older, male, and female. It was wonderful to see the number of children in attendance for children’s church and the number of youth participating in the service, leading prayers etc. The sermon was also brought by a young lady named Alli. Today was her first day to speak before the church and she did an awesome job. The pastor was very pleased because Alli came to him and asked to speak before she knew anything about Laity Sunday. After church there was a fundraiser lunch for a member in need, and we were invited to attend. Well, of course we stayed for dinner. It was loaded nachos plus various fruits and desserts. Very good. Thanks to Susan (a MHCC staff member) for the invitation to your church and to lunch.

Afternoon hike on the SCTAfter church we came home for a quiet afternoon, naps, and then, rather than ride bikes today we walked the Silver Comet. You definitely use different muscles riding the bike and we figured those muscles needed a break so we hiked a little over five miles. Love being able to get out like this. We are in such a great setting and we get to enjoy it for two more weeks. Again, feeling really blessed. Hope you have had a great weekend and stay safe this week.

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