Tuesday, Week 2

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sunny and 49 when we got up this morning. Well, really it wasn’t sunny because it was still dark but when the sun came up it was another beautiful cool fall day. Really enjoying this weather.

Tom had our devotion again today and used Psalm 99 as the foundation. Thanks, Tom for sharing with us today and another good discussion.

Everyone seem ready to go back to work this morning. We had thought that we might wait until after morning break to resume the siding for the barn since it was so cool but the barn “crew” was ready to go and started back first thing this morning. They got as far as they could go on the north side but as they neared completion discovered they needed some longer material. They moved to the rear and started working there. However, that area took some planning before they really started making progress. Much of the work on the rear has to be done on ladders so is considerably more difficult. They are making good progress and now have the longer material for the remainder of the north side so tomorrow they may come close to completing the siding. Bobbi, Cheryl, Evelyn and Anne went back to Oasis Unit to continue painting. There is just so much repair work to the walls before you can start painting. Three more rooms were completed today. The painters have started on the final room on this hall. Anne went through the rooms on the second hall with Randy today and they decided only three on the rooms on that hall needed paint. We will begin those tomorrow, after the residents have had time to remove the personal items from the walls. Anne and Evelyn worked on the desk project for part of the afternoon and Cheryl and Bobbie worked on cleaning in Noble. We are continuing to make progress and the kids and staff seem very appreciative.

It’s sad that we needed institutions such as MHCC but it is a joy to be able to contribute in some small way to making life a little better for these kids.

Sunset on the trail
We walked a short distance on the trail after work and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

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