Trifecta – Horse Barn, Bathroom Floor and Painting

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Frost on the windshield

Morning TemperatureToday was a copy of yesterday only colder this morning. The truck thermometer indicated 37 this morning. And we had ice on the windshield for the first time since last winter. The official low was 45, but we are down in a valley so the truck was probably pretty accurate for our area. Another beautiful fall day.

Ken and Joyce had our devotion this morning. They used a devotional book “The Upper Room Disciplines”. It was about servant leadership and of course Christ was the prime example of that. Again we had good discussion. Thanks, Ken and Joyce. We really feel like our devotion time is the most important time of our day and the foundation for all we do.

Evelyn painting one of the girls rooms
Evelyn painting one of the girls rooms

We split up even more today. Ken, Don and Tom worked at the barn this morning, continuing the OSB installation. Max assisted Joyce in removing another layer of subfloor in bathroom at Noble while Cheryl did some cleaning in the front room. Anne took Bobbi and Evelyn to Pfiepher Hall first floor to begin painting some rooms. The first floor has the Oasis unit, an area where newer residents are housed. We are painting some of the girls rooms. Anne helped get Evelyn and Bobbi started then returned to Noble to work some more on the plaster repair. After the subfloor was removed, cleaning complete and another layer of mud was applied, Joyce and Max went back to the barn, Cheryl to paint and Anne acted more as a gopher. It was a busy day. Don and Tim completed the OSB on the barn. Then the entire barn crew worked on the metal siding. It is actually the metal you would use on a roof but we are hanging it vertically to cover the OSB. We think it is looking pretty good. The ladies must stop in Oasis about 1:30 when the girls start returning from school, but they basically completed one room today. It was another productive day.

After work Anne wasn’t feeling well so she rested while Max rode another nine miles on the SCT. We are all tired but tomorrow is NOMADS Friday!

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