Tuckered Out Thursday (aka NOMADS Friday)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ice on the windshield again
Ice on the windshield again

Another day like yesterday except it felt colder with more ice on the windshield. Truck had temp of 37 again. Official low of 41. It took longer to warm up today. But another beautiful day.

Bobbi had devotion this morning. She used a devotion from Charles Stanley. Bobbie reminded us that our spiritual preparation for all that we do should be prayer, quiet time and accountability. She also reminded us that God has prepared us and will equip us for what he has for us to do in the world. Thanks, Bobbi, for sharing with us today.

It was back to the barn (or stable, Tom says) for Max, Ken, Tom, Don and Joyce. They all worked on the south side this morning so they could be in the sun. The north side was totally in the shade and too cold. The completed the metal siding on the south side today and about half of the north side. The forecast is for rain Monday and Tuesday so we may not get back to the barn until later next week. Evelyn, Cheryl, Bobbi and Anne worked in the Oasis unit again today, cleaning, removing tape, patching the walls then priming and painting. Another room was completed, (that makes a total of two) and two others are in process. Since this is our last day of work this week, we spent a little additional time cleaning everything up today and cleaning the Guest House. We had a very productive week, accomplishing more than the agency expected. The team has really come together. Everyone is looking forward to a little rest and some fun this weekend.

Ken imaging an extremely large solar prominence with his computer and solar telescope
Ken imaging an extremely large solar prominence with his computer and solar telescope

After work Ken set up his solar telescope and let us all look at the sun. He was excited at finding a large solar prominence. He said it was the largest he has ever seen. It was really cool to see. It looked sort of like a little bush coming out the side of the sun. Ken then hooked his computer to the telescope and was able to capture video of the prominence. It was really interesting the view the video as well. Thanks Ken for being so willing to share your knowledge and passion for astronomy.

Shortly before dark, we went for another bike ride, but since we are planning a twenty mile trip tomorrow or Saturday, we took a light day and did about 6 miles through Cedartown on the Silver Comet Trail. Love this trail!

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