Busy Tuesday

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

It was quite cool this morning but we had a beautiful fall day. Couldn’t ask for better. We, of course started the day with devotional led by Tom. It was based on the parable of the wedding feast in Mathew. We had some good discussion and thoughts. Thanks, Tom for bringing this to us this morning.

We decided to divide and conquer today. Part of us went back to the barn to work. We had the OSB first thing this morning and some started cutting and installing. The rest of us went to the Noble Building/Administration Building. Here we began by moving the furniture out of a break room, reception area. Bobbi, Cheryl, Joyce and Anne then pulled up all the carpet. There was a roof leak that damaged the plaster in one corner of the room. Bobbi, Joyce and Cheryl started scraping and scrubbing. The small bathroom for this area had a leak that damaged the floor and vanity. We removed those and pulled up the old vinyl. After our afternoon break we all went back to working on the barn installing the OSB. We completed one side and about half of the other side. Lots was accomplished today through everyone’s hard work. We have a great team! Thanks to you all for a hard day of work.

After work we again rode the Silver Comet but this time we rode toward Cedartown. The trail goes past the old train station and just as we got there a train came by. That was neat. There is a little elevation change on this section of the trail but nothing like riding toward Rockmart. We road about 10 miles today. Another wonderful day!

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