Stripping The Barn

Monday, October 16, 2017

It rained all night last night. It was still raining when we got up this morning. However, it had finally cleared our area by 8:00 devotion time. It remained very cloudy until about lunch when the sun was out, sky blue, windy, cool and a gorgeous fall day.

We are having morning meetings and breaks in the guest house behind the President’s home which is currently unoccupied. The guest house is a little 2 bedroom 1 bath house. There is a gathering area/den where we can hold our meetings and a kitchen with a nice refrigerator. We are being spoiled. As is our custom we were responsible for devotion on this our first day, and used Philippians 2:14-16. We chose this due to the reference to us shining like stars. Today was our friend Ken’s birthday. Ken is an astronomer so it seemed appropriate to talk about stars. After devotional, we gave the team a brief tour of the campus at Murphy-Harpst and stopped by the administration office to sign everyone in. We then met Randy at the barn and discussed our plans for the day.

Today was demo day.  Always fun, but also hard work. Randy wanted us to remove all the old siding on three sides of the barn. We knew we needed to get the siding off so we could identify and replace any rotten studs. The original plan was then to install OSB and then metal roofing as siding on top of the OSB. Since the hurricanes OSB cost has gone way up and the budget constraints require that we only put OSB where there is not already some type of solid backing. First things first, we started removing the siding. We got all the siding off today, cut new windows in two of the stalls, and replaced one of the studs. Ken and Joyce repaired the two doors to the bathroom of the guest house so they now will latch. We are now waiting on additional supplies for the barn. We surprised Randy with what we accomplished on day one.

After work we hit the Silver Comet Trail again. Nice ride, again on the hills, and going a little further than previously. Then it was time to just sit outside and relax a while. On the trail again

Thanks for all the prayers for our cousin Janet. She was able to return home today. Thank you God! Today was a good day!

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