All Our Team Is Here!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Turkeys were back this morningIt was another nice morning. No fog today. The turkeys returned, all 18 of them. We also had two calves come for a visit. The little ones can just come through the fence if they want. However, if you encourage them to walk back toward the gate, they just step back through the fence and return to their mama. Just hope they don’t come visiting when we are at work tomorrow and leave us presents.

Morning service at Marietta Street UMCThe team went to Marietta Street UMC today and enjoyed a spirit filled worship service led by Pastor Church. The congregation was very welcoming and warm. We always enjoy visiting here. You know you have been to church when you leave Marietta Street. It is the closest church to Murphy Harpst and while a small church seems to work to serve their community.

After church we went to Zorba’s restaurant which serves Greek, Italian and American fare. They are always busy after church but the food is always good. Today we had chicken parmigiana, served over spaghetti. Didn’t need any supper tonight. Very good.

All team members have arrived
All Team Members Have Arrived

As we finished we received a text from Cheryl and she was just a little way from Cedartown. We were able to talk her most of the way to Murphy Harpst and then Max met her and led her the remainder of the way. After helping her get her tow dolly stored away and parked, we worked to finalize everything for tonight’s team meeting. A little later Evelyn and Tom arrived, completing our team for this project. Wonderful! We have everyone safely here. Thank you God! They got parked and set up and everyone had a little time to relax. Before long it was time for our first official function of this project – our introductory meeting. We started with prayer and then of course food. Well really it was desert – ice cream sundaes and cup cakes. We didn’t have desert after our wonderful lunch so we had desert for supper. The meeting seemed to go well. We have a good group that we think will be a lot of fun. Looking forward to a good first day of work tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Sunday Evening Team Meeting
Sunday Evening Team Meeting

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