Relaxing Saturday

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A couple of the turkeys that visited the pasture today
A couple of the 18 turkeys that visited the pasture this evening

It was another beautiful foggy morning looking out over the pasture. We didn’t see the turkeys this morning but did see them late this afternoon. We also saw two deer today and we now have 9 horses in the pasture. The are really pretty horses. Oh, and some really cute young calves. As our team members from New Jersey said, “I could just get a couple of dogs and live here”.

Don and Bobbi arrived this morning. It is so good to see them. We haven’t seen them since this time last year at Hinton Rural Life Center. In January, while working a project in Florida, Don required surgery to replace the aortic valve in his heart. At one point they really didn’t think he was going to make it. He had a rough time and was hospitalized for 7 weeks. Thanks to a lot of prayers, great surgeons, and the grace of God, he looks great today! Love to see his and Bobbi’s smiles and hear their laughter.

Banana Split SupperThe six of us went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. The food was good and the conversation even better. After lunch Bobbi and Don worked on getting set up while Max and Ken cut some more limbs. We all piddled around our rigs a little and then had banana splits. Very good! Thanks Joyce and Ken for the suggestion! Of course they didn’t have to suggest it twice. And yes, for us anyway, that was supper. Unfortunately, Cheryl missed the banana splits. She had some motor home problems today and hasn’t arrived yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Maybe we will have banana splits again when she arrives.

More hills on the SCT
More hills on the SCT

After some more visiting and catching up with what everyone has been doing, we went for another bike ride. We did even more hills today. Haven’t checked our mileage yet but it was further and several more hills riding. So we have been told, there is only one hilly section on the Silver Comet and it is between Cedartown and Rockmart, where we are riding. We could head toward the Alabama line instead, but after the banana splits we figured we needed to do the hills. A little more relaxing, a little TV, a little football and that was our day. Hope yours was as nice as ours. Remember tomorrow is Sunday and be in prayer for the pastors and the services. Also please continue praying for our cousin Janet. She came thru the surgery yesterday but has had a lot of pain. Hope you are all having a great weekend.

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