Preparations and Quick Trip Home

Friday, October 13, 2017

Fog, cows and turkeys. Our view early this morning.It was really foggy this morning but really nice looking out the front window seeing the fog, cows and 17 turkeys. It’s really quiet here and very peaceful. Nice start to the day. The fog burned off around 9:00 and then we had a cooler day with a high of 81 with intermittent sun and light rain.

Randy, Steve and Glenn were here this morning to complete the fencing and new gate to keep the various live stock out of our camping area. We will now have to open two gates when we go in or out but that’s okay. Once we get all the dried cow paddies cleaned up this time the camp ground will hopefully remain that way. Ken and Joyce arrived today and it is so great to see them again! Ken worked with Max to clean up the area and then trim some low hanging limbs so the rest of the team won’t have to be as careful when they arrive. Currently one section of our beautiful area is for the cows, one for the horses and the other for us. We also have an area and wood for a campfire sometime next week.


Anne returned to the mountain this morning to check on the LOLs and prepare Juno’s medications for the next month. We should have done this before we left Wednesday, but after we took care of all of Helen’s medications and issues, we were distracted and just left without taking care of Juno’s. We have had a few caregiver issues as of late so there is never a dull moment. Mama Ruby getting better, more problems on the mountain. At least they weren’t happening at the same time. Anne sat up in bed last night at midnight at said, “We forgot to do Juno’s meds”, with a little panic. There wasn’t a lot of sleep after that. Oh well, the afternoon shower presented a nice opportunity for a nap and as far as we know all the needs on the mountain are met for now.

Tomorrow we will complete our paperwork and preparations for our team meeting Sunday evening. We are looking forward to another wonderful team and project.

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