Another Uneventful Travel Day

Friday, October 6, 2017

Sunrise as we were leaving Hattiesburg
Sunrise as we were leaving Hattiesburg

Today was another beautiful day. It was a little breezy at times and a little too hot this afternoon but a nice day. We were up at 5:00 to do our morning departure duties. We watched traffic on Old Highway 11, the road in front of Oak Grove Church, yesterday. We learned we had a window between about 6:30, when there was enough light to see well, and 7:00, when traffic started picking up. There is a lot of traffic in front of the church all day, but morning and afternoon rush hour traffic makes getting out in a motor home really problematic. Our goal was to depart between 6:30 and 7:00 and surprise, surprise, we actually pulled out at 6:45. We had an easy drive to Mama Ruby’s house in Tuscaloosa.

We stopped at the second rest area on I-59 after crossing into Alabama only because the first, the Welcome Center, was closed. So much for welcoming people to our state. Anyway while we were out stretching our legs we met a couple walking their two dogs. The gentleman was a fireman. He had on a New Orleans FD pink breast cancer awareness T-shirt, but we don’t know for sure if he works for New Orleans FD. Anyway the had what appeared to be an elderly black lab. She seemed to be a real sweet dog so of course we played with her a little. Her name was Rescue. Her owner shared the story that they went to a house fire at an abandoned house and he made entry with two other firemen. When they were searching another area of the house he searched the room they first entered and found this dog in the corner of the room – almost dead. He took her outside and gave her some oxygen and called animal control. Animal control took her in and cared for her over night. When he went to check on her the next day they thought she would be fine. She was still a little lethargic but otherwise seemed okay. The fireman adopted her and has had her every since. Cool. Nice little diversion on our travel day.

This the list of weekend activities at the assisted living facility. We have some friends who would be very interested in the last item.
This the list of weekend activities at the assisted living facility. We have some friends who would be very interested in the last item.

When we arrived in Tuscaloosa, we parked FRED in the drive, plugged in and headed to the assisted living to see Mama Ruby. We had lunch with her, visited, and ran a couple of errands. She then wanted to go pick up some additional items so we took her home for a while. A few items, turn into more items, until we had to get a luggage cart like the bellmen use at hotels in order to get the “few items” upstairs to Mom’s apartment. Guess that’s why she really likes her new apartment. All the items fit in her much larger closet. We felt really good after visiting with Mama Ruby today. First she met us at the door when we arrived with a big smile on her face. (This was a really big deal to Anne.) She didn’t seem to be having difficulty breathing, and was walking and moving better. Anne checked the swelling in her legs and it seemed to be about like they were when she was discharged from the hospital. We were concerned that they would start swelling again when she came off the IV diuretic but there was no additional swelling. All really good things. We are so thankful for this good visit. We returned to Mom’s and FRED for a quiet evening and will have another visit tomorrow.

Sunset in Tuscaloosa
Sunset in Tuscaloosa

BTW, someone asked about why we call our motor home FRED. Our family knows the answer but we do have some new readers so here is the explanation. Our first motor home was a FRont Engine Diesel. Acronym FRED, used by industry and since we really aren’t very creative and imaginative most of the time, we just call him FRED. Well, now we have a new rig. What can we call it? We really did try to think of something. However, as our family knows, we have had three black lab dogs over our 35 years of marriage. The first one was named Scout which subsequently became Scout 1 when we got our second lab and named him Scout, too. And then the third was Scout 3. Our family just assumed the second motorhome would be FRED 2. Of course it would be FRED2. People started calling him that even before we ever took delivery. Anne originally wanted to name him something else but it just wasn’t to be. So we now have FRED 2, which Anne decided was an acronym for Fantastic Rear Engine Diesel. That’s our story and we are sticking to it, as silly as it may be.

We thank God for another really good day!

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