Here Comes Nate!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

(Sorry, we just noticed last night’s post did not publish, so you get two tonight.)

Hurricane NateWell, Hurricane Nate is moving in on the Gulf Coast. It was cloudy here most of the day and a few scattered outer bands of rain have come through the area. Based on what all the forecasters as saying we are going to have some 50mph winds and up to 6 inches of rain. It’s really dry but we really don’t need all the rain at the same time. Since we have no area to park FRED that would not put him at risk of a falling tree, we decided to leave him in Tuscaloosa at Mama Ruby’s house. Since the tornado of 2011 fell all the big trees in Mom’s subdivision, there is no danger there. We really need to go back to Tuscaloosa Wednesday anyway so we hope FRED will be safer there. Hopefully we made the right decision. Please remember to pray for everyone in the track of this storm. Thankfully it’s not as big as some of the earlier ones but it can still cause serious damage and kill. Especially remember our NOMADS teams in Hattiesburg and at Camp Sumatanga. Both may face severe weather.

Other than watching the weather, we visited with Mama Ruby again today. She again seemed to be feeling better and growing stronger. She is wanting to assert some independence and do more for herself. She has always been such an independent woman that it is really good to see this returning.

Mid-day we packed everything we will need at the house for the next few days in the truck and drove back to Blount County. We probably didn’t get everything but we will just do without whatever we forgot. We stopped to see Aunt Jean at the assisted living in Trussville and picked up her shopping list, then to Pine Mountain to see Max’s mom and Aunt Helen, and got their shopping list and then home. Everything was in good shape at the house when we arrived. It’s always a relief when we check the outside and then the inside and nothing seems amiss. That was our day today. Nothing exciting and sorry, no pictures. We look forward to worshiping at our home church tomorrow. Hope you are having a great weekend.

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