Last Day in Hattiesburg (for now)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

It was another beautiful day, much like the past two. The forecast for the weekend is anything but nice but that’s what happens when it’s a busy hurricane season. We will watch Nate for the next 24-48 hours to decide exactly when we will go back to Blount County. We do plan to move to Tuscaloosa tomorrow morning because Anne needs to take care of some things for Mama Ruby. Some have asked how Mama Ruby is doing. We will know more after we see her tomorrow but she says she is OK and has no shortness of breath. She seems to have managed ok at assisted living this week. Anne is a little anxious to see for herself how she is doing.

This morning Lynn led our devotion and did a great job. After devotion and prayer, we headed to the job site.

Max and Anne resumed work in the bathroom today. We mudded and taped all day today. We made a lot of progress but did not quite get it all first coated. The great news today is that Dave completed the pantry. Interestingly, the homeowners did not know the pantry existed. At some point someone put drywall over it. It was uncovered during the demo phase of this rebuild so we rebuilt it for them. Dave did a great job. With the pantry complete, Dave and Gary were able to place the lauan over the kitchen floor and then install the roll flooring. It looks so good. Wish we could be here to see Sandra’s reaction. We are sure she will cry. George and Judy installed the reclaimed trim. Judy had never used a battery powered nail gun. Actually, we think she had never used a nail gun at all. She had a lot of fun learning that skill and installing the trim. Sharon and Lynn completed the striping of the bathroom door and got a nice coat of paint on it as well as completing the baseboards. The house is really coming together. We hope the bathroom can be completed next week. It will be real close if not completed. The only delay at that point will be the hardwood floors. They need to be sanded and refinished. We hope someone on the next team will have experience with that task. It’s been a great week and the team has accomplished a great deal. We are pleased with what was accomplished.

Since Dave and Judy and Max and Anne will be leaving tomorrow, we all went out to dinner tonight at the Twisted Skillet. The owner is a member of Oak Grove UMC and another member had told Gary it was a good place to eat. That is a huge understatement. All of our food was exceptional and service great. All you NOMADS who will be working here over the next several months need to write this down because you will be missing a real treat if you don’t have at least one meal at the Twisted Skillet. Max had the bourbon marinated pork ribeye that was probably the best pork we have ever eaten. Anne had the shrimp and grits and they were very good as well. We are already debating what we will eat at our next visit.

Well that is about it for our stay in Hattiesburg. We said our goodbyes when we returned to the church. We will be leaving early in the morning. Time to get FRED ready to roll.

One thought on “Last Day in Hattiesburg (for now)”

  1. Thanks for the great posts and photos. It was a good week of productive work and getting to know each other. So happy we had the opportunity to meet Sandra and Nathaniel, the homeowners. And I think we will always remember your devotion about hurricanes and how we are the land, through God’s grace, that helps ‘ground’ people who have suffered loss through various disasters. Question: How did FRED get his name. Acronym or proper name? Safe travels and blessing to you always, Judy and Dave


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