Wednesday Work

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Today was a carbon copy of yesterday weather-wise. A beautiful day but a bit too warm for October and certainly not fall-like.

This morning’s devotional was by Dave and Judy. It was a discussion on the macro and micro of God. Dave started by playing Carrie Underwood’s How Great Thou Art, verse one. That was to remind us of the greatness of our God, and the wonderful creation he has given us to enjoy. Then we were reminded that of all the billions of people, God knows my name. He cares for me, individually. He knows everything about me, my joys and sorrows and He cares! The micro – me – when there are so many others in the world. It was a good discussion and reminder.

We drive by this recreation park each morning. We can still see the damage.
We drive by this recreation park each morning. The damage is still very visible.

We all headed back to the job site about 8:00. Traffic seemed a little lighter today. Anne, Max and Dave started the morning putting together a new table saw. It is a nice Kobalt. One of the project supervisors had begun the process but it still took us about an hour to complete the process and get all the safety guards, etc. in place. We had asked for the saw yesterday, thinking there was one in the tool trailer. They didn’t have a table saw so they bought us a new one. We really needed it and the NOMADS will make good use of it over the 24-30 weeks of work. We used it a lot today. Really nice saw. Max and Anne went back to working in the bathroom and completed the concrete board on the floor and it is ready for tile. We then work on the flooring of the bath closet and got it ready for tile. We then started on the drywall – putting drywall mud over the screws. Dave worked in the pantry and installed shelving. George and Judy continued to the work on the trim and Sharon and Lynn worked on painting the baseboards and doors in the bedroom. They also worked on scraping the bath door in preparation for repainting. It was another busy and productive day.

Tonight Oak Grove UMC invited us to their Wednesday dinner. We had chicken pot pie, salad, peas, pineapple casserole and desserts. What a wonderful meal and fellowship. Everyone was really tired tonight. We will post this then go to bed early.

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