On The Way to Mississippi

Saturday, September 23, 2017

We were up at 6:00 preparing the rig to travel today. Anne went to Middle Amana to pick up our order from the bakery. So good! Cinnamon rolls, bread, cinnamon bread and chocolate chip cookies. Yep that’s why we gain weight on these trips. Got to get back to work. On the way back there was a beautiful view of the sunrise. Gorgeous start to the day. While Anne was out and about Max dumped holding tanks and got the coach almost ready to roll.

After enjoying our cinnamon rolls it was time for our last “goodbyes”, “see you down the roads” and then we were on the road again. We left at 8:50 headed south with plans to make it to southern Missouri today. From Amana we drove back through Tiffin. Should Tiffin Motor Homes have their home office be in Tiffin, Iowa? I’m pretty sure Mr. Tiffin would say no, especially since he doesn’t like cold weather. But it would be sort of cool. It would be too far for us to go for service, so guess they better stay in Red Bay.

Mark Twain statue in Hannibal, MO
A bad picture of a Mark Twain statue in Hannibal, MO

We were very thankful that we started the day with almost no wind. We did have a little wind this afternoon but nothing like yesterday. We drove US 218 and US 61 to I-70 to I-270 around St Louis, then on I-55 and are spending the night at the very nice Missouri welcome center near mile marker 40 tonight. We could have driven further but we are going to Jackson, Ms tomorrow and don’t want to get there too early so this was a good stopping place. Supper of chicken salad in the rest areaWe had chicken salad (made by Max) and watermelon for supper and are settled in for a quiet night we hope.


2 thoughts on “On The Way to Mississippi”

  1. Max and Anne cglad you had a good trip today. The hills had an eventful trip to Tulsa OK with Butch and Cheri Frey. The day Friday started out good but on the outskirts of Kansas City MO the Frey’s had their first tire blowout on I-35. When the tire blew it wrapped around the axel and Dave had to use our hacksaw to get it off. We made it south of KC last night. Then today they had blow out #2 on the other side. This one damaged the wheel well and siding. We were in the boonies and the only tire we could find was a recap. Unfortunately that tire blew about 40 miles later. Team leaders Steve and Sandy Drake found two tires in Tulsa and I met them with the rims in the jeep. They trucked the new tires back to the guys and we all caravanned the remaining 40 miles to our site. Glad to finally get here safe


  2. Oh my! Days like that are the reason we always thank God for uneventful travel days. So glad you are now all safely there. I would say that is not the recommended process for team building but it definitely took teamwork! Will be praying for you all as you start your project Monday. NO more excitement !


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