Last Day in Amana

Friday, September 22, 2017

NOMADS pulling out
Many of our NOMAD friends pulled out of the RV park today.

Today was a sunny and hot. There was also a hot, dry wind. Glad we weren’t driving the rig today like many of our NOMADS friends were. The crosswind would have made for a long day. We hope to head south in the morning and hopefully before the wind whips back up.

Today we went to the Hahn’s Hearth Oven Bakery in Middle Amana at 7:00 expecting to be there in time to get what ever we wanted. WRONG! We got the last 2 cinnamon rolls and there was no bread. The cinnamon rolls were excellent and we placed an order for tomorrow. She said she would have them ready by 6:00 so we won’t be late leaving. They also bake excellent bread which we ordered. Mrs. Hahn, the baker, bakes bread for the restaurant where we have eaten twice since being here. She baked seventy loaves for them today. She uses the only original hearth oven still in operation in Amana Colonies to bake her breads, cookies and sweet rolls. Very sweet lady who really knows how to bake.

After arriving back to the RV park we discovered that our friends Darryl and Mary Alice had RV troubles. Max went to work trying to determine the problem. It seemed to be an electrical problem. Darryl got the help desk for his rig on the phone, but that didn’t get much help. Max and Mike kept working and finally Max found a 175 amp fuse that was bad. One of the things that makes solving electrical problems in RVs so hard is that they have fuses everywhere. Sometimes like today they seem to be in very random places. Fortunately, we had a 200 amp fuse that would work so Darryl could now raise his night shades so he could see out the windshield and side windows to drive. It also got his steps working again. Mike and Ruth were going to follow behind Darryl and Mary Alice to be sure they made it home okay.

NCSML signAfter we got cleaned up from that, we picked up Cheryl (only about 1 ½ hour late – sorry) to go to the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids. There was a Chihuly Venetian exhibit we wanted to see as well as the permanent Czech exhibits. Cheryl’s grandparents were from Czechoslovakia so she was interested in some of her history and was able to talk to someone in the library about how to gather more information. The Venetians were incredible. The chandelier was composed of 1500 individual pieces of glass that arrived in 1500 individual boxes that were made specifically for the particular piece of glass. The curator at the museum then assembles the chandelier sculpture with no instructions. No two exhibitions of the piece are the same. The order of the arrangement of the pieces of glass is always different. Pretty amazing. So glad we got to go to the museum.

We returned home after a short stop at the local Walmart to resupply. We started putting away the inside items for travel tomorrow. Then at 5:00 we went to dinner with some of the NOMADS that are still here. Most everyone pulled out today but there were about 24 or 26 of us that went back in to Amana for dinner at the Ox Yoke Inn. It was another good meal and better fellowship. We will be heading south fairly early tomorrow. Please pray for safe travel for us and our NOMADS friends.

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