Sunday On The Road

Sunday, September 24, 2017

We saw this on our odometer when we started out this morning.
We saw this on our odometer when we started out this morning.

We had a restful night last night, except it was a little too warm. We ran the generator to cool FRED off, but didn’t leave it on all night so we got a little warm. Otherwise, everything was fine. The rest area did fill up with 18 wheeler drivers getting their rest. Of course, their rigs were running but inside FRED it was just white noise and didn’t bother us at all.

Eastwood Memorial UMC
Eastwood Memorial UMC

When we got up this morning we decided at the last minute to go to church in Caruthersville, MO at Eastwood Memorial UMC. We went to early service which was a small service held in the chapel. It was a lovely chapel and a very welcoming community of believers. We really enjoyed the service, the pastor and congregation. One of the life long members of the church showed us their amazing pipe organ.After service one of the members took us to see their sanctuary which was beautiful. The pipe organ was amazing and even more amazing is that in the small community they have someone to play the pipes every Sunday. Wish we could have stayed for the 11:00 service too, but we had too many miles to go. One of the things the pastor talked about during the service was the two week mission project the church just completed. They hosted Operation Healthy Delta Innovative Readiness Training which is a military training exercise that provides no-cost, basic health care services to the Southeastern Missouri region. A UMC in Charleston, MO joined Eastwood as the two locations this year. While the members of Eastwood were not involved in the actual health care, they worked hard to show hospitality to the service men and women stationed at their church. For example, they hosted a fish fry for them last week. We really enjoyed our time at Eastwood and would definitely stop there again the next time we are in the area. We will include them in our prayers.

The children’s room was decorated with these beautiful murals.

After worship one of the members gave us some pears and another give us some beeswax chocolate chip cookies. The cookies didn’t survive long enough to get pictures but they were very, very good. We are going to try to find a recipe and learn to make those cookies. After a tour of the church we climbed back into FRED and headed back to I-55 South. We stopped about every two hours to change drivers and reached Jackson, MS uneventfully.

Tonight we are at Timberlake Campground on the Barnett Reservoir just outside of Jackson, MS. It is a large, beautiful lake. The campground has nice concrete pads, full service and we are right on the lake. Nice, quiet peaceful location. Too bad we can’t stay a few more days. We will have to come back here sometime. We plan to ride our bikes in the morning, weather permitting. We are very close to the Natchez Trace so we may do some riding there or on some bike trails around the reservoir. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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