NOMADS Annual Meeting Winds to a Close

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Today was another busy day at Amana, Iowa. The weather was nice – didn’t get nearly as hot as predicted since it was cloudy early in the day. It was hot this afternoon when the clouds burned off, but there was such a strong wind it didn’t seem quite so hot.

Thursday morning devotionAgain our schedule was basically the same with Bible study, worship, business meeting then seminars. Worship today was very good. Rev. Bill Poland, assistant to the Bishop of Iowa brought the message, which was excellent, and then served communion. Scripture basis was John 13, 1-17. He shared his personal testimony and then reminded us that if we don’t love our enemies we will soon become like them. Jesus doesn’t give us the choice of who we love. He loves us all and likewise we are to do the same. Very powerful service.

Announcing the 2018 Memphis Annual Meeting
Announcing the 2018 Memphis Annual Meeting

We spent time this afternoon planning next year’s NOMADS Annual Meeting. Next year the Southeastern Jurisdiction is responsible for the meeting – which means us. It will be in Memphis and work actually began 2 years ago when the site was chosen but now the detailed preparations will be started in earnest. It takes a lot of work to host this event. Fortunately, it appears a good number of our southeastern members are volunteering to help. Some good ideas today.

Tonight was a “Classic Iowa Reunion Feast.” It was a wonderful meal of grilled pork chops, roast beef, potatoes, carrots, green beans, salad, fruit, and peach and apple cobbler with ice cream. It was a feast indeed. After the meal the choir gave a wonderful concert. Don’t know how they sang after that meal, but sing they did. Then it was over. The 2017 annual meeting was over. We started helping clean up the hall and saying all our goodbyes and ”see you down the road”. NOMADS is family and it’s hard to say good bye. Some of these friends we will work with next week and next month but some we won’t see again until next annual meeting in Memphis. Safe travels everyone. See you down the road.

Almost forgot to tell you. The Love Auction raised $56,900.00, all of which will go to purchase necessary supplies to support disaster relief work, and work at children homes, church camps churches and community outreach. These people are amazing since we only had about 300 people attending this meeting. Extravagant giving. Extravagant love. In addition to raising money to support projects, we also collected over 400 pairs of black shoes to send to Mexico where the children can not attend school without black shoes. We also made over 200 school supply bags. That means cutting out and sewing the bags and then filling them with notebooks, pencils, colors, eraser, and other items.  These will be taken to Midwest Mission Distribution Center in Chatham, IL to be shipped anywhere in the world they are needed.  We had 20 sewing machines to do that job.  Thank you God for a wonderful week, and the opportunity to serve you with this incredible group of people.

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