Classes Begin

Wednesday, September 20 ,2017

What a difference a day makesWhat a difference a day makes! Today we had a really nice sunrise and pretty day. It was quite warm with a high of 87 which is unusually high for this late in September, according to the TV news. Tomorrow is predicted high of 90. This may break their record high. We have been watching the weather in Alabama and the Amana weather is about the same as Alabama. How bizarre is that? We thought we would be enjoying some cool fall temperatures while here but no such luck. Oh well. It’s still been nice.

Today we had the same morning schedule as the previous two days. Light breakfast, Bible study, worship. Today’s message was give by a pastor from Iowa who used Matthew 28:18 for the scriptural foundation. He shared some alarming statistics about the decline of the Christian faith, stating we are declining by one half with each successive generation. That type of decline should serve as a wake up call. The church has got to wake up and be the church. We must get serious about being God’s people and doing God’s work. He told us that in years past regular church attendance was considered 3 out of 4 Sundays a month. Now many seem to consider regular attendance one Sunday per month. Do we not care? Are we so self centered that we don’t care that others don’t know of the love of Jesus Christ? That certainly is not the attitude of a Christ follower.

After worship we had another business meeting with reports by various committees. The focus was really on the promotions committee. Since so many people still have never heard of NOMADS, we are working to get more visibility and awareness. Our administrator reported that we have had a record number of volunteer hours worked this year. We don’t have the exact number yet but have surpassed previous years. Yea, NOMADS! However, we know there are still so many unmet needs, so much else to be done (refer back to statistic given during the message today). That’s why it is so important that we also work to promote awareness of NOMADS and recruit new members. We have about 100 members each year that have to move to alumni status due to health or other problems, so we have to recruit 100 new members each year just to stay stable. It’s a challenge.

Today was also the start of our two days of educational seminars. Today, Anne attended a laminate floor installation class while Max went to the electrical class. Yes, we done laminate installation and a good deal of electrical work but we usually learn something in these classes. We both attended the disaster rebuild (DR) leader training as a refresher and to share with the people who are interested in becoming leaders. We always pick up some new ideas listening to others. We know that if we just pick up one thing that will help us be better leaders, it is worth our time to attend the session. There was also a session on the new background checks that we will now be having every four years.

After sessions we over, tonight we had a Potluck (pitch-in, covered dish) with fourteen people at each table. We were each assigned main dish, bread, salad, side, or dessert with 2 of each category so there was lots of food at each table. We shared with our table of 14. We all ate way too much, but it was all so good. After dinner we had a concert present by the The Browns. They are an Iowan farm family who have been singing and playing professionally, full time, for 17 years. It was a very energetic fun performance, with some Christian music, and some secular. Three (2 brothers, 1 sister, youngest 21 years old) played the violin and guitar and one (the mom) was only vocals. Dad drives the RV. One of the seminars today was a line dancing class so The Browns played three songs for the class to line dance. It was a fun evening. One more day tomorrow, then Friday morning we will have our closing session. Already dread saying goodbye.

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