Auction Tuesday

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

foggy morningThis morning was very, very foggy. According to the news there was a horrible wreck due to the fog, with at least one fatality. Fortunately all our meetings are in pavilions here at the campground so no one had to get out on the roads. The fog didn’t burn off until late morning. By mid-afternoon it was warm and sunny again.

Again today we started the day with some pastries, juice, and coffee, then our Bible study on angels. After a short break we again had our worship time.  Morning devotional was a lesson on Martin Luther and church reformationToday we had music and praise and then a presentation on Martin Luther as we look toward the 500th anniversary next month of Luther’s posting of his 95 theses, starting the Protestant Reformation. It was an educational and thought provoking presentation.  After that was a welcome and presentation on the Amana Colonies by the curator of the Amana Heritage Museum. We learned a lot more about the Colonies and how they transitioned from communal living. After some house keeping items and a little business, we moved into the main event of the day and an important part of the annual meeting of NOMADS.

Each year we have a charity auction which is really just a fun way to raise money to support our projects. There is a silent auction and a live auction. We all bring items, usually new but some lightly used items, food items, handcrafted items, anything we think might raise some money. We then select a few to use for the live auction and the remaining are available in the silent auction. So really we are just selling all this stuff to ourselves. Today two quilts sold for $1,000.00 each and a watermelon sold for $250.00. The person who bought it cut it in half and then auctioned half again and got another $150.00. It’s radical extravagant giving. Tomorrow we will find out how much money we raised this year. The highest ever was over $50,000.00. Last year was over $30,000.00. All auction funds are used to give grants to agencies to help cover some of the costs of materials we use on projects, either regular 3 week projects or disaster rebuilds. You see, NOMADS not only give of their time and energy and gifts to build and repair things for people in need, but also give of their money. An amazing group of people. We feel honored to be a member.

A geocache hidden in plain sight
We went for a short ride this afternoon and found a few caches. This one was really difficult. 🙂

Tonight we had a jam session. Various members shared their talents, singing, playing an instrument, telling stories etc. It was a fun, relaxed time to just have fun together. Another great day!!

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