Amana Monday

Monday, September 18, 2017

Morning Bible studyIt was a cool, clear, morning, 50 degrees. Everyone had on jackets when we went to Bible Study. But before that our hospitality committee had breakfast snacks and coffee and juice for everyone. This year our Bible Study is on angels and led by a fellow NOMAD who is a retired pastor. Today he talked in general about angels, as an introduction. Tomorrow we will look at what the Old Testament teaches about angels, Wednesday, New Testament, and Thursday the Angelic Rebellion. We should learn something and I suspect our leader will challenge us and make us think. Not a bad thing. The Bible Study was at 7:00. At 8:00 we moved to the larger pavilion and had about 15 minutes of singing. Then 8:15-8:55 was our devotion led by Rev. Kiboko Kiboko, one of the Iowa District Superintendents. He is from the Congo and delivered a compelling devotion based on Matthew 4:18 where Jesus is calling the disciples. Jesus calls us to “follow me and do the same as I do.” Rev. Kiboko told us the story of his brother who was imprisoned in the Congo for calling for justice for a woman who was shot because she protested against the government. Excellent devotion.

It was then time for everyone to go on the various sightseeing tours available while the auction committee worked to get everything ready for tomorrows auction. People brought their items to the main pavilion throughout the day. We didn’t plan on any of the morning tours so after getting our items to the auction committee, did laundry, took a nap and visited with friends. We had scheduled an afternoon tour but did not do that either, rather we rode bikes into Amana and picked up a few items, and did a little geocaching.

Tonight was movie night with popcorn and watching Field of Dreams. Everyone seemed to have a good time and now it’s time for bed. 7:00am will come early.

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