Sunday, September 17, 2017

It rained most of the night with wind blowing. The rain was much needed as they are way short on rain here.  The wind was still blowing this morning making it seem much cooler than the 62 degrees on the outside thermometer. It remained cloudy and windy until about 11:00. Then it was sunny and back to short sleeves. Tonight as soon as the sun started down it was long sleeves again. Right now at 9:00 pm it’s down to 56. Guess it’s going to be fireplace weather in the morning.

NOMADS Morning WorshipToday we had worship with all the NOMADS in one of the pavilions here at the campground. Our friends Larry and Joan brought a message came from Ezekiel, the dry bones story. It was a wonderful message and service. It is so great to worship with all our NOMADS friends. We then went to lunch with friends and potential NOMADS. We had a meeting with the experienced team leaders this afternoon to received some updated policies from the Board and to discuss any problems any of the leaders have had recently. Otherwise it was a restful afternoon. Tonight was our Celebration of Life Service remembering the 15 NOMADS members/alumni that have died this year. It was a very sweet service of remembrance. It was another wonderful day here in Iowa.

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