Sunday at Red Bay

Sunday, September 10, 2017

After the late night last night, we slept in a little this morning. It was another beautiful morning and we decided to go to church at Red Bay First UMC. It’s located just right down the road from the campground. The pastor is deployed with the same Guard unit with Bryson that we asked you to pray for Friday. The “fill-in” appointment is Yohan Hong. We never really know what to expect when we visit a church on our travels and today was the same. We really enjoyed today’s service. Pastor used the scripture about Jesus turning the water into wine at the wedding feast. He reminded us that Jesus was an invited guest at the wedding, but that Jesus doesn’t want to be our guest but rather our Lord and Master. Very good service and very welcoming congregation. Will definitely go here again next time we are here. Other RVer’s from our campground visited today as well. We were all impressed with the church.


After church I was back to the campground and lunch. We did some cleaning and straightening in preparation for hopefully departing tomorrow. We shall see. The rest of the day was spent walking, and visiting with others in the campground. There are some really nice people here. We have made several more good contacts for NOMADS.

Sounds like we may have some bad weather headed this way so everyone be careful!

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