The Great LOL Loop

Saturday, September 9, 2017

The sky began to lighten about 40 minutes into the trip
The sky began to lighten about 40 minutes into the trip

We knew today was going to be a long, hard day but all in all it went well.  The day began at 4:30 am (YUCK!).  We hit the road a little before 5:30 headed to Tuscaloosa.  It was another cool morning with a pretty start to the day.  We arrived in Tuscaloosa a little before 8:00 and started getting furniture ready to move from Anne’s mom’s home to the assisted living.  Jim, Anne’s brother arrived from Atlanta about 8:30 with the trailer and his two sweet dogs.  LoadedWe had the trailer loaded by about 9:15 and headed over to the assisted living facility which is only about 2 miles away.  Mom, of course, was glad to see the three of us and we began the unloading process.  We were really blessed with 4 young men who were there moving their grandfather into the Memory Care unit.  They saw us unloading and just jumped in and grabbed the mattress and box springs and took them right to Mom’s room and kept returning to the trailer for another load until everything was upstairs.  We spent the next several hours moving furniture around in the apartment.  We eventually had things arranged in a way that made Mom happy.  We did have to return to Mom’s with one chair that was just too large for the space and returned with a smaller chair that looked much better in her bedroom.  Mom will be happy tonight to sleep in her bed with her quilt and pillows.  She was already enjoying resting on her couch.  We hope having more of her things will make her feel more at home.  We will have to work on some pictures and decorator items over the next few visits.  Mom really doesn’t care much for the facility’s hair dresser so she had asked us to get her an appointment with her usual stylist, Brenda, so at 12:30 Anne took her to see Brenda.  Mom had a good day – her stuff moved in and a day with her hairdresser.  Anne also got a haircut.  After another trip back to the house for a few more things, it was time for us to head to Birmingham before the ballgame was over.

Can you believe these prices
Can you believe these grocery prices?

We stopped in Trussville to get some groceries and see Aunt Jean at her assisted living.  After a trip to the store for her supplies, paying her bills, and cleaning Noodle the Turtle’s terrarium we finally made it to Blount County.  A visit with Max’s mom and Aunt Helen and preparing their weekly pill minders completed our round of visits to the LOLs.  We then went home and loaded the pickup with our bikes, food, tools and other items we will need in Iowa and Mississippi.  Shortly after 8:30 we headed back to Red Bay.  As we prepare this post the GPS says we will arrive back to Fred in about 1.5 hours or about 11:00.  We will then take the refrigerated items inside and leave the rest for tomorrow and go to bed.  Good night.

The Great LOL Loop
The Great LOL Loop

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