FRED Work Almost Complete

Friday, September 8, 2017

Everything we said about the beauty of yesterday – repeat today! We had a nice long walk this evening as it started cooling off. Everyone is out walking and visiting in our nice little community here at Camp Red Bay. Interesting dynamics with 100 rigs and close to 200 people. No one knew anyone here until we arrived. Now it really is a caring community with everyone cheering for you when you get to take your rig into service. One of the people we talked to when we arrived Sunday and told about NOMADS joined this week!

Strange to have such perfect weather here knowing what is brewing in the Atlantic. We are so concerned about all the people trying to evacuate Florida. We had several more come in today that were so tired from the long drive in horrible traffic and so relieved to have a place to stay. Some people whose work was completed today couldn’t find anywhere with sites available and we were able to connect them to Camp Sumatanga. Sumatanga is allowing evacuees to stay at no charge. Thanks, Sumatanga. As soon as someone left today their site was taken by a new arrival, usually from Florida.

Fred in the shopWe did get to take FRED in for service at 7:00 this morning. Our two techs were so nice, polite and knowledgeable. They did a great job and completed all but one of our items which will be done Monday morning at 7:00 am. They even did some things that they noticed that we didn’t have on our list. They really tried to be sure everything was just right. We so appreciate their professional attitude. We were not happy with our dealer when we took FRED back there. The problem that the techs will be repairing Monday is one that was incorrectly repaired and made worse by the dealer. We will not be allowing anyone but Tiffin and Freightliner to work on FRED in the future unless it is some kind of emergency. The people here are so good and so nice. It’s been a pleasure to be here even though we have had a little wait.

For lunch today we went to a little locally owned cafe, The Mason Jar on Main.  We met the owners who seem like such a sweet couple.  Anne had on a Sumatanga shirt and the lady owner immediately said “I’ve been to Sumatanga.”  Both of the owners have done Emmaus walks there.  Everyone one was so attentive and nice.  The food was good.  We had the grilled chicken salad, but then sort of spoiled our healthy eating by having their appetizer of fried green tomatoes.  They were worth it.  Then we really spoiled it by sharing a mason jar hot fudge sundae.  It was really worth it! Sooo good.  The owner’s son, Bryson, is currently deployed with the National Guard, and we would ask that you join us in praying for his and his entire unit’s safety.


Tomorrow we will be heading back to Tuscaloosa to move furniture to Mama Ruby’s new room at assisted living. We think she will be so much happier in her new larger room. After that we will head back to Blount County to pick up tools and other items we need before we leave for Amana Colony, Iowa, then back to Red Bay. It will be a LONG day. We will rest Sunday!

Praying for everyone’s safety from the storm. Be careful. Be smart. Have as good a weekend as possible in light of the destruction that is headed for the southeast US.

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