Another Day of Waiting

Thursday, September 7, 2017

It was cool enough to use the fireplace this morning.Today was just about as beautiful fall morning as there ever is in Alabama. It was 52 degrees when we got up this morning and we used our fireplace heater for the first time. It warmed the coach up nicely, but of course it had some help from the beautiful sunshine as well. The entire day was beautiful. We had to have long sleeves this morning, then short sleeves by about 11:00 and now we are back in jackets again.

We again today didn’t make it into a bay for them to start working on Fred. However, that left us with lots of time for walking and explaining what NOMADS is (people ask about the magnetic signs on the truck) and visiting with our neighbors. There are a lot of very nice and interesting people here. We did one other interesting thing. In the material the camp hosts gave us Sunday was a Guest Guide with information on the area and different restaurants, etc. In that guide was an ad for Piggly Wiggly grocery store that advertised their “World Famous Deli”. Well we couldn’t pass up trying a “World Famous Deli” if for no other reason than to let our readers in on the place. Who knows when you might be passing through Red Bay, Alabama and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on this attraction. It seems that fried chicken is one of their specialties along with lots of fresh vegetables and other entree choices. We were surprised to see the seating area quite full. We were planning to take our lunch back to FRED anyway. To be perfectly honest, lunch was good, but “world famous”? However, their Bavarian cream long johns are very good! By the way, there is also an Ace Hardware inside the Piggly Wiggly in case you need to pick up some screws when you are here.


The sign at the campground office for the last couple of days.The campground remains completely full. We now have a lot of Floridians here who have run from Irma and plan to spend their time getting their coach repaired while having to be out of Florida anyway. We understand from several people who arrived today that Tiffin was not surprised by this influx of Floridians. Tiffin also knows from the phone calls they have received that there are a number of people from South Carolina headed this way as well. However, with the large number of people here and at the other campgrounds in Red Bay there is now as much as a two week wait for the folks that arrived today. The great news for us is that they will start working on Fred at 7:00 in the morning. We don’t really expect them to get everything done tomorrow, but by Monday we expect to be ready to head to Iowa for our annual national meeting of the NOMADS. Of course between now and then there will be two more trips to Tuscaloosa and one back to Blount County. All will be good!

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