Yet Another Flashback

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Today was a waiting day for Max and a busy day for Anne. FRED did not get called in for service, but one of us had to be there just in case. Anne drove to Tuscaloosa for help her mother get ready to move into a larger apartment at the assisted living facility. Nothing very “blog-worthy.”

So, another flashback – this time to this day (more or less) in 2015.

We worked a NOMADS project from August 23rd to September 11th that year at the Midwest Mission Distribution Center (MMDC) in Chatham, IL. MMDC has many missions. Click on their name back there to find out more about them. NOMADS usually work two projects a year there. The project listing almost always indicates that we will be building desks for shipment to mission schools around the world. However, we always do much more. We have worked there twice and Anne has built a desk or two, but Max has mostly worked on building a new warehouse.  Anne worked on building the warehouse in 2016.   In 2015, we also helped build a new bike repair shop.


Some of you have probably heard us talk about Mary Alice Collins.  MMDC is where we met Mary Alice in 2015 and the first Wednesday of the 2015 project was the day her battle with sepsis began.  As an update, she miraculously survived, and is now walking on two prosthetic legs, using prosthetic hands and since winning the battle with sepsis she is also an ovarian cancer survivor.  And she has won many ribbons for her baked goods at the Indiana State Fair each year since. BTW, she, a number of years previous, also survived breast cancer.  A true inspiration to us all.


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