Two Songs, Three Jokes, See You Later

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Rigs were moving into the bays early this morning
Rigs were moving into the bays early this morning

We were up early this morning because we didn’t know when Norris, the gentleman who is our point of contact for service, would be around to review our work list. We knew that generally he goes around and meets with people in the order you check in the campground. He starts about 7:00 am we think. So he comes around and talks to you a little and gives you some idea as to when you will be in and out. Norris didn’t get to us until late morning. We told him that we really needed to return to Blount County for Wesss funeral. Norris made a call to someone and told us that he didn’t think we would be moved to a bay this afternoon. “Go.” he said. “Just go now.” So we did. He asked us what our plans were and we told him we needed to be headed to Iowa Monday and he didn’t act like that was a problem so we will see. We are fully prepared to return for another visit when we will be home for a while in November/December. As we said yesterday, while we have about 15 individual items on our list, they are mostly small items of a cosmetic nature and some are simply questions. For example there is a spot on the bathroom floor that appears to be some caulk or construction cement type thing but we don’t know what is safe to use to remove it.

God Speed WessToday was cloudy, with intermittent rain. We drove through one nasty storm on the way to the funeral. It was one of the “go slow and turn your flashers” on type of storms. We are thankful for safe travel today. We saw so many people at the funeral. The Hallman family is a large family, and most are still in the general area, so it was a family reunion of sorts. It was good to see everyone, just not for the reason. Wess (Rev. John Wesley Hallman, Jr) was the oldest of five brothers. From the stories we heard, those five must have been a handful. Wess was funny, generous, caring, and so many other things we could say. Most importantly he loved the Lord and wanted to share the Good News with everyone he met. Barry shared that Wess for quite some time has said “At my funeral I want two songs, three jokes and see you later.”  That was Wess.  Wess will be missed by his family but also by the community. Rest in Peace, Wess, until we meet again.

As we work on this blog entry, it is 9:00 pm and we are traveling back to Red Bay. Hopefully, Fred will have his work started sometime tomorrow morning and we will be able to return to Blount County soon.

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