Busy Day!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sunrise at the fairgroundToday started with another really nice sunrise. Morris and Karen hosted us at their RV (also a Tiffin) for today’s devotion since he was using a video had everything set up in their rig. Devotion was based on Romans 5:6 and we were encouraged to Walk Across the Room – to witness, to fill needs. We were reminded that when we walk onto a project we are witnessing. Morris also used a music video by a friend of his, Tommy Brandt, a country music singer who always ends his performances with an alter call.

It was then back to the job side and a day of hard work. Max and Anne first worked on the laminate flooring to work around a door then Anne and Suzanne took over on the laminate and Max worked on the trimming out the steps we built yesterday. Morris also worked on trim most of the day. Karen painted part of the day and then joined the ladies working on the laminate flooring. Toward the end of the day the girls were getting pretty tired and Max again returned to help with the flooring. Mike filled in where ever needed but he also spent a lot of the day painting. So, at the end of the day the bedroom laminate flooring was complete, the sitting room was painted, the steps complete except for paint and almost all the trim was up in the sitting room and we were all really tired. We made up for all the time that was spent on the Governor yesterday rather than working. There will probably be some ladies with sore muscles tomorrow.


Elizabeth fixed us all peach ice cream cones for break
Elizabeth fixed us all peach ice cream cones for break

Today was Mike’s last day with us. He will be returning to Michigan early in the morning and Max and Anne will take over leadership of the project. Since it was Mike’s last day we went to a new Mexican restaurant tonight. The food was goo and reasonably priced. We were glad that Jeff and Ann the coordinators were able to join us as well. We really appreciate the good job Mike did and pray for safe travels tomorrow. We hope to see him and his wife in Iowa in September.

Since today was NOMADS Friday, we will now look to deciding on weekend plans. We had hoped to go to Fayetteville to ride our bikes on a rail trail there but the weather is now looking iffy for outside activities so we will decide tomorrow. We hope to spend part of the weekend just resting.

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