The Circus Comes To Lumberton

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Today started normally enough. It was a sunny morning and the team arrived at our motor home for morning devotions right on time at 8:00. We had a visitor for devotions, Ann Wade with the North Carolina Conference Disaster Recovery. Ann and her husband, Jeff, head up the volunteer coordination and supervision of the rebuilding in the homes in the Lumberton area for the NC Conference of the UMC. Ann brought T-Shirts for all of us to wear today while the governor was touring. Guess we should have expected something was up. She did say “the event has grown a little.” So we presented our devotion today on “How Do You Stop A Hurricane?” The answer is that you stop it with land. We as Christians are called to be the land in the lives of others experiencing tragedy/difficulties and things like flooding from hurricanes. We are called to be there for them and help them recover in any way we can from making donations, to helping rebuild their home, to just sitting and listening to them tell their story of the night they lost everything. That’s how we can be their land.

After devotion we headed to the job site to begin our work day. We basically started where we left off yesterday. Max and Anne completed the steps. Suzanne worked on caulking, Karen on painting, Morris on bathroom trim and Mike started preparing the bedroom for flooring. Homeowner Mary Elizabeth and her daughter-in-law Elizabeth were also painting. Mid-morning Anne, Max and Suzanne began work on the laminate flooring in the bedroom.


Then the circus arrived! What we thought would be a few people turned into about 50. From our prospective it was nice to get to meet the North Carolina State EMA Director, who knows our friend and Alabama State EMA Director Art Faulkner. We had a nice, short visit. Governor Roy Cooper had a press conference on the front lawn of our work site with multiple TV stations and print media on hand. He used it to announce funds to support the faith based volunteers working in the state and more funds to prevent future flooding of the area. The NC Baptist group and NC Methodists were recipients of some of the funds and were present at the press conference. All the media and the governor’s party toured our work site and were, of course, very nice, thanking us for all we do. You can view one of the news segments here.  It was after 2:00 pm before all the craziness resolved and we could return to work so not a lot was accomplished today… but it was a fun day and fun to see ourselves on the new tonight. We will try to work extra hard tomorrow.


NOMADS Team with NC Governor Roy Cooper
NOMADS Team with NC Governor Roy Cooper

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