A Day At Home

Friday, June 30, 2017

The forecast was not good for riding the rail trail today – 50% chance of thunderstorms and it was more like 100% thunderstorms. We did not go to Fayetteville because we wanted to wait until we could do the rail trail. Some of our team members went to Fayetteville to shop and said it poured rain there too. Maybe we can go next weekend.

So since we were staying in Lumberton we found the local pastry shop that gets really good ratings, Cakes and Pastries Unlimited. We now know why they get good ratings. Mmmmm good!!. We also stopped at a local truck on the side of the road a little ways from the camp site to pick up a really good watermelon. Otherwise we did some paperwork getting ready for next week and got some rest. A nice quiet day.

For those of you that were following us at the Constructors project in Rosalie, they made a lot more progress last week. The pictures from there continue to be exciting.

Week 2 Day 4
At Rosalie Baptist Church Constructors for Christ now have most of the sheathing and decking on and the plumbing and electrical started

Hope everyone has a great weekend and stay safe this holiday weekend.

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