More Progress in Lumberton

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Today we continued our work on Mary Elizabeth’s house. Suzanne, Karen and Anne continued their caulking and painting while Morris and Max installed the last closet door and Mike began cleaning and reinstalling outlet and switch plates. After the door, Morris worked on the baseboards in the bathroom and Max finished the window trim in the laundry room. After lunch Morris installed door knobs in the new doors while Anne and Max worked on building the steps connecting the front part of the house with the back. It doesn’t look like much when we put it on paper but we worked really hard today. It is our hope to quickly now finish up the bedroom, bath and closet so Elizabeth and her husband can move back into their apartment and allow Mary Elizabeth to have her space back upstairs. The largest project left in their apartment is installing the laminate flooring. We think we will finish up the steps then start that installation in the morning. Should be another busy day and we are hoping to have some pictures of the flooring tomorrow.


Morning break on the front porchOne nice thing about working on this house is the wonderful front porch where we take our breaks It seems to always have a cool breeze. Another is how hard Mary Elizabeth works right along side us to repair her home.  Her daughter-in-law Elizabeth also works with us when she is there. They are so anxious to have their home and life back. Driving around town you see homes everywhere with volunteers working to help restore peoples lives. The North Carolina Methodist Disaster Relief team has over 100 people in town this week working on homes. The Baptists are also working on several homes but we don’t know how many are here this week. There are probably other organizations here as well but we just haven’t met them yet.

It’s peach shake season at Chick-Fil-A so that’s where we went after work.

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